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Importance on Empowerment

Empowerment is valuable. It increases employee engagement, which leads to improved performance. When you have true empowerment a person will have pure validation, a state of being in which they can recognize and celebrate there own or someone else’s potential. It ultimately helps everyone feel appreciated, challenged, supported, motivated and innovative. It give a person ownership in their work and creates purpose. It builds a culture of open communication, trust and respects for those who are willing to step-up with there own time and commitment. Empowering and developing people will giving people in the workplace responsibility for their own actions. Through empowerment, the servant leader acknowledges the talents and strengths of employees.

I was able to speak at the SWE Local Conference in Seattle on April 1st. It was an honor to speak as a key-note and empower all the amazing women Engineers of today and the future!

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