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An engineer in mind and spirit

Unable to read until age 16, Kristy Mandigo overcame disabilities to build a stellar career

The Only Doctor Kristy Needs

At one point, Kristy Mandigo was seeing 15 different specialists. Then she met David Millett, M.D., Ph.D.

Women of Distinction

Assemblymember O’Donnell Honors 70th District Women of Distinction

National Disability Employment Awareness Summit: Kristy Mandigo

Author Kristy Mandigo is a Chief Engineer and has had numerous technical and strategic roles at Raytheon Technologies, a Fortune 500 company, and had been on multiple directorates, boards and committees for non-profit and for-profit companies. She lives in California with her husband and their two sons.

Watch her learn how she charted her career through the challenges. 

News & Tips

Ask Why: But Not Why Me? Video

Kristy Mandigo, was told "No", but she would never believe it, and made it a life-long challenge.  Through professional leadership achievements, Kristy often selflessly assists others achieve goals and finds it rewarding. She has an exceptional willingness to go above and beyond to meet her commitment both professionally and personally.  Her family is her biggest fan, and she honors through her commitments to STEM and DE&I initiatives.  Her dream is to enrich others in the workforce, empower future women, and raise her sons to honor and respect her growing legacy.        

Kristy Mandigo Radio Broadcast 

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Kristy charted her own path throughout her career and has demonstrated professional and external leadership achievements in the fields of engineering, and multiple professional organizations both within STEM and DE&I. Demonstrated outstanding leadership in the organization, Kristy exhibits a clear understanding of how her career path contributes to her achievements. She works to enrich the conversation of what it means to be a successful leader in STEM and DE&I and strives to advance and honor the contributions of women at all stages of their careers.  Kristy recognizes the successes of women who enhance the engineering profession and empathizes with those that struggle.  Passionate to make the workplace accessible for all employees, Kristy raises awareness to help correct the stereotypes and biases faced by those with diverse abilities.  Exemplary professionalism and leadership at work and in the community are Kristy’s hallmark.  Kristy’s has demonstrated her commitment and passion throughout her career to support those without a voice.  She underscores this devotion by mentoring emerging women engineers, as well as volunteering to speak or mentor annually during National Women’s Month.

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