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Ask Why but Not Why Me

By Kristy Mandigo

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Presenting Kristy Mandigo

New Published Author; Ask Why But not Why Me"

Believing that the grass is greener on your side of the fence. Throughout Kristy's life, she was told "No" or "You can't do it. It's not possible" or "You are not (blank) enough. Kristy is determined to make the impossible possible. Kristy uses the negative and made it her motivation. Her journey started by growing up on a dairy farm and believing in God. She knows that failure is a part of her, but never quitting gives her strength. Staying busy and fixing technical problems is her passion. This book shows how her life has given her strength and leverage through the struggles of becoming independent and empowered. She has learned that accepting help is not a weakness. Kristy stands by her belief that it is okay to always ask God and others "Why?" but not "Why me?"

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