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Let yourself feel grace

If you look at others lives through social media, and try to compare yourself or believe you might be falling short… remember that social media is just a snapshot in time! People tend to put the best and maybe take liberties of their accomplishments through rose colored glasses. I was asked recently to talk about “day and a life of a chief engineer“. I took a step back and wrote down some thoughts.

I realized immediately this talk was not about me, but about an opportunity to inspire others. Over the 2 weeks I talked with mentees and asked them for ideas and what they are looking far in a panel discussion.

They reminded me that I wasn’t tapped on the shoulder to get where I am, in fact I took a slow and windy, yet rewarding road. This was my story. What people will see is the ”snapshot”, but I went through a lot of rolls of film to get to my position.

I thank each of my family, mentors, mentees and friends that have helped me shape my path. I also thank the naysayers that pushed me to remind me that I can push past that negativity and choose a different path.

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