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Interesting study on ADHD and ADD

Interesting study, I have seen these stats before. I am always interested in the opinions, but reserve my judgement from personal exposure or experience. Read the excerpt and click on the link below to see the full publication!

Published: 2023-02-11Author: Aarhus University | Contact: Publication: Yes | DOI: References: ADHD and ADD Publications

Synopsis: An international study has identified 27 loci in the human genome with genetic variants that increase the risk of ADHD - more than twice as many as previous studies found. Together with national and international partners, the researchers have studied more than six million genetic variants in 38,691 people with ADHD and 186,843 people without ADHD. The term "genetic variants" means specific variations in the DNA code - in this case, variants observed more frequently in people with ADHD than those without the diagnosis.

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