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Workplace participation rates for disability inclusion.

The workforce participation rate for people with disabilities hit record high in recent years, many people contribute to the DEI programs, and voluntary non-financial reports.

Around 65.6% of Fortune 500 companies (and 81% of Fortune 100 companies) Disability:IN and the affiliates including the southern California chapter. Have continually provided programs and blogs to assist with additional awareness. So many companies want to try to provide quantifiable metrics, but based on disclosure agreements, it's very difficult. In addition, I have also found that many individuals do not think they have a disability if medication controls the disability that they have therefore there's no need to disclose.

I think much of the awareness beyond the why to disclose, is the acknowledgment of what a disability is, even when disability is controlled with medication.

There's also a question as to how the metrics should really be calculated based on disabilities that are temporary... how does someone start disclosing and then stop disclosing? If you would like more information, please contact Disability:IN or one of many affiliates like Disability:IN Southern California!

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