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Working with “special” abilities

I read articles like the one I’m going to attach and I empathize with the individual that has a disabilities and others that have disabilities that struggle every day to work and find work. . I wouldn’t say that working is easy but I do find rewards. Over the years certain positions help me more or less depending on my health and my aspirations. Having a disability and special abilities have Can provide value in the workplace that many can deny or dispute. There are some skills that I have with a Nero-diverse thought process that would take others weeks to figure out. But then I have weaknesses like spelling and sentence structure that take me time that is wasting and slows me down on problem-solving and helping the bottom line. I’ve often gotten “ you are an engineer, engineer can’t spell” But it still affects me every day. With my epilepsy I need structure and when my structure is broken I tend to have more seizures. It makes we want to work and I have learned to love it regardless of the task. The more I work the easier it gets to stay healthy, but it does take a toll on my family time. Thankfully my family is fully aware of my needs for structure and they are proud of my work. The one important think to remember is that ever people that has a disability (special abilities) has different needs. As I take time off for work for thanksgiving, I do my best to stay engaged, but once the noise and lights start impacting me in a negative way, I always find a safe place to work or write. That is how my book was written “Ask why but not Why me” and how I have been successful promoted to a Chief engineer. I didn’t become an author and a chief engineer just because I was disabled but rather because of all the hard work and the dedication. It was also because of my family and my belief in God that helps me through all of the hard times and never allowed me to give up. There have been so many times where it would’ve been much easier to sleep away the day but with the foundation and my families diligence giving up has never been an option. During the Thanksgiving holiday I hope you are also thankful for all of the things that you have in your life that help you through the day. I also hope that my blogs and my book as well as my career will help you be inspired. Happy Thanksgiving!

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