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Why Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Listening to the panelist

Evaluate the sustainability of a business and how a business can be inclusive. When people feel a open environment to be authentic, better work products. It is so important understand what each business mission and how DE&I intersect. What is the value system for all people? Does it really include all people? Do you have untapped talent. Is your organization leaders transparent and shows expectations of employees? Have you create measurable governance so you can drive the behavior expect? Do you understand the social impact expand the talent base.

It was noted that Covid exposed the disparity of ESG. It has opened the pathway that previously were stalled. It is unfortunate that a pandemic had to jump start ESG. People need to feel safe in there own skin and be you best self. It is very hard to be authentic with out felling safe: mentality, physically and emotionally.

Understanding there is a time and place to address these ESG, but once you employees feel safe, talent will emerge! Embrace all people and each person has the power to change and advocate to each other.

Why measure ESG? What is measured is what is treasured. When you measure something it helps you provide goals you create intentional change that can be transformation that is real and not just a buzz word.

Change needs to be more then one and done. It need yo be sustainable, repeatable and teachable!

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