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War on Talent

If corporate recruiters are not mindful of the intersection of disabilities with other marginalized identities, employment opportunities will remain closed to a pool of talented and diverse candidates. This panel will discuss strategies for recruitment that are applicable to industries all over the world.

When your bias is closed of an inclusive culture and environment. It is important to be intentional to review these bias and check yourself. Some companies use inclusive recruitment. This is based on competencies rather accessibility. Diversity focused team to build the journey is so important and continue to enhance while sustaining what you have.

Organization also have initiatives that build trust by creating a valued and recognized. Develop an inclusive culture by hiring and incorporating these services as a must not because someone identified the need. One example, ASL interpreters, close captioning, facilitates, voice to text, just to name a few should be incorporated regardless. Make them part of the baseline.

Set-up people for success, create a mentor and ensure to be prepared for all people:


-Education and Training

-Intentional support/marketing

-Overcome the stigma and course correct.

-Measure success

-Mentorship, create/maintain services

-Leverage story telling


-Share Best Practices


-Cultural awareness and Advocate

This is not an all inclusive list but it is a start. Learn the organization objectives and ensure your objectives are aligned, because it is not a one size fits all.

This is often not available through all global companies, and organizations might need additional services because the Laws expectation are not in place.

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