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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I am sharing a video that is Comical but very real for many of us facing dyslexia as a nerodiverse condition.

The struggles affect learning and many basic activities as you will see some in the video. Although this is comical to watch, it is a very frustrating condition that slows people down. Having to pause and question your every move can be exhausting. If you are faced with these struggles reach out and ask for help and more time to complete assignments. You might have to spend additional time on tests. You might have to work more hours then your peers, but it will be worth the rewards.

Remember, you might be slower in somethings, but you make up for it in other creative and innovative ways. Give yourself the grace and time to learn about these gifts. Don’t beat yourself up for your weakness.

it reminds me of the Iceberg illusion. If you only allow people to see what’s above the water you never allow them to see your inner strength and gifts.

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