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Living with Seizures and Continuing with positivity

Dear followers,

I had a seizure 12/20 and another 1/9, yet I will not give up. I have struggled with feeling and remembering emotions. Life seems very robotic, and I am finding myself starting over, and some reading this might think this is a blessing, but going through it has been mostly unsettling. I continue to really enjoy my work have give me a sense of responsibility on working harder on Disability:IN and fighting for my children IEP (youngest) and 504 (oldest). I have been making plans to energize awareness those that are nay-sayers that we those that have these chronic conditions that we are not enough to invest in or continuing to invest in through work advancements, family oppression and friendship distancing.

I thankfully have been journaling in multiple methods so it has helped me overcome these struggles. I can not say that journaling is easy, but let's be honest taking life saving medication is also not easy.

I believe that continuing to have faith in ourself mixed with hard work and prayer you can make through it. I don't know all the answers, but I do encourage you to look past the negativity and cling to your beliefs. Be humble, extrodenary, and joyful.

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