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Digital accessibility Importance

Digital accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites, digital tools and technologies, by people with disabilities and all people!

Some people don’t know that they have a disability until later in life, and they learn that they are more effective once using digital accessibility. I know personally that while technology grows more advance it opens my eyes to how I can do thing easier and not torcher myself with learning gaps. I sometimes find after the fact that because I didn’t as “why id this so hard?” or assume that everyone has to work this hard. The importance is to continue learning and Be true to yourself. Ask why, or collaborate with others to see if there is a better accessibility framework.

Learn about your company’s accessibility guidelines and the regulations and policies that are published.

Ignite change by raising you hand on what you think might help you be more efficient. Pause and seek out networking and survey’s.

There are 70% of disabilities are hidden, so be creativity on how to be a change agent.

A good example of digital accessibility is important for all people is to leverage decreased waste of duplicated data entry or digital twin.

Another example is an individual that can’t access a learning platform because it is in PDF form so it requires a second person that assist the person. This increase labor with 1/2 the return. This can create a undesirable effect.

Don’t leave accessibility to the end build it into the design process, and measure it and learn from it to continue drive down cost savings. Progress overtime not overnight, which might be hard to be patient. Find out the “who is charged” owner of Digital accessibility and automation. Again, accessibility shouldn't be an after-thought. Make sure to consider accessibility throughout each part of a project and don't leave it until the last moment.

Digital accessibility has a set of practices intended remove barriers for all people including those disabilities. In fact those with disabilities are often the ambassadors. It is an agile and ever changing journey.

If your organization operates a website or offers a mobile app, accessibility is a crucial consideration, and for most organizations in the public and private sectors, it's legally required and good business.

Know that is amazing when you have an “

Ah-ha moments”, when you see an accommodation used above and beyond the initial use case. Capture those lessons learned and leverage to drive forward thinking impacts and the next digital experience that with not only give ROI, but value that hasn’t tapped into yet. Be a catalyst and have a healthy dialogue about vision. Provide the potential savings based on the accessibility and digital advancement.

Try to be agile because the initial solution might merge into something different.

Strategic roadmaps and refinement expectation through automation and accessibility. Learn that the communication, marking and training accessibility is just as important as the physical and software product.

Game changing accessibility by default helps drive successfully DE&I. Learn the roadmap and take an assessment of optimization and hold accountable and measure the success.

Check out short video.

Something to remember, if you are a leader for accessibility, be transparent on the roadmap. Determine what you are going to start with and outline the roadmap. Allow a space for innovation advocates to identify additional requests and adjust based on the facilities, software, products and services. Be intentional but I can’t express strongly enough to be transparent and intentional.

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