• Kristy Mandigo Kinkor

Affiliate Reconnecting

As the affiliates gather together we re-energized how each of us have strengths and differences. We serve To maximize business results through disability inclusion. We help Foster pure network of business practitioners and provide employers with valued information and resources to support these initiatives. Our business to business model offers education, training, net work and resources to enable businesses to proactively include people with disabilities in their workplace as well as supply chain. This includes not only the current workforce but also prepares them for individuals that will enter the workforce in the future. There are many individuals that can leverage these teachings to be more prepared to enter the workforce. With the help of business relations and awareness or affiliate will help pursue a robust, vibrant and diverse perspective to maximize business results. Check out the Disability:IN Southern California page as well as the LinkedIn in Twitter feeds. Follow us and engage with future remote and in person events.

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