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Accessibility while you are traveling

While I travel, I try to anticipate the accessibility needs that I might have while I travel. Will I need special noise canceling ear phones? While I need yo bring my walker?

I have a standard set of equipment and aids that bring on trips, but I try not to bring the “kitchen sink” because I tend to only use 10%. How do you handle your list?

I tend to create a good old fashion checklist. It is hard to pack some times because you can only take so much before it cost more for another bag than it would be to buy a new aid or device.

I have gotten commons of Disbelief based on the way of my book bag. “ how can you carry this book bag you can’t possibly need this much stuff“ the same goes for nearly every luggage item. It is simple, it is not shoes or make-up. The weight id contributed to accommodation aids.

When something comes easy for you, be thankful and have joy! Be mindful of the accommodations that you use for comfort but not necessity. Say a prayer for those that need it for necessity and be thankful for your ability to use the accommodation for comfort.

There are many in this world that need accommodations not for comfort but to survive and to live and be functional.

I am thankful for the aids that I have to be more functional and have the ability to travel freely. I might get The occasional judging eye, For the most part people keep to themselves and I get to travel and live free from judgment. Regardless I am very thankful for the scientist and engineers that have built accommodating technology so I my continue being living independently.

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