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503 compliance: Dates to remember

Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act is legislation to ensure equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Compliance with Section 503, federal contractors and subcontractors must develop and implement an Affirmative Action Program (AAP) and take steps to increase the representation of people with disabilities in the workforce.

To keep on top of these obligations, it’s critical to be aware of these key dates.

  • April 1: The 7% utilization goal for people with disabilities begins.

  • July 1: Corporations with 50 or more employees must begin collecting data on the number of people with disabilities they employ.

  • September 30: Corporations must submit an annual Affirmative Action Program (AAP) report to the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), detailing their progress towards meeting the 7% utilization goal.

  • October 1: The new federal fiscal year begins, and the 7% utilization goal restarts.

These deadlines are critical for corporations to meet their obligations under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act. There are many organizations

That can help, I trust iDisability can help you achieve compliance. If you need help. I would pay close attention to the area related to technology, as that is that is our present and future.

Section 503 compliance is important to your company’s profitability, and help is out there to help the company understand and meet its requirements. Many companies higher consultants to restructure and save money but does you company also focus on resources needed to give a little to get a lot from those that have disabilities.

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