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Inclusive Leadership from the Top

Building workplaces that value and drive diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) has become a business imperative for many organizations. However, for organizations with employees, vendors, or customers across different parts of the world, building a cohesive DEIB strategy can be a challenge. Various employees of organizations take on responsibility for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, but what is the role of the CEO and their leadership team? Strategy is important on diversity and inclusion to drive meaningful change to bring us one step closer to equity. Knowing the difference is an important start. Join these leaders as they discuss how DEIB starts at the top. Discussed at #WE SWE international conference!

How well do you understand...

• Describe how they began by setting the tone to champion organization-wide initiatives to ensure DEIB is a top-level priority.

• Identify ways they inspire and organize their organization to close the gap between saying diversity and inclusion are a top priority and actually putting it into practice.

• Recognize the benefits and additional opportunities of DEIB in their organization.

Improving the workforce and drive to cutting-edge technology comes with a strong DEI. Understand that to strengthen this comes with meaningful planning this includes succession plans.

Tangible goals for organizations with accessibility helps focus can build synergy. Help employees understand a sustainable business behavior and focus on accountability all the way to the individual contributors. Companies should use ghe ERGs and other community relationships to help strengthen the DEI roadmap.

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