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Honoring our fallen heroes every day

This Memorial Day, we’ll honor our service men and women who gave their lives to protect our country and allies and defend freedom around the world.


For many, that includes friends and family members whose stories may never be heard, but will always be felt by those they loved, protected and saved. While we commemorate their ultimate sacrifice, we’re also grateful for their enduring legacy.  


In the coming days, I ask that you take time to hear one Gold Star Mother’s Memorial Day reflection about her fallen son, U.S. Army Ranger Cpl. Benjamin Kopp, whose heroic actions saved fellow Rangers on the battlefield and changed the lives of others even after his death. This was a zoom that was presented at a the RTX company ERG event. If you are able to gone in company events like this one to honor diversity and Inclusion, you should set some time to watch them real time or off-line. I find that it helps me grow both throughout my career with compassion and empathy, but I also gives me a sense of understanding and awareness of what’s around me.

Growing aggression around the world reinforces the importance of our mission to deliver for all of those who defend all of us. Thank you for all you do to help keep them safe and bring them home. 

We should also celebrate those that came back with invisible and visible disabilities.

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