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Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)!

Accessibility has always been a key part of my success! Having books on tape, voice to text, and countless other technologies have given me many open doors and windows! I hope by now you’ve been able to read my book either in print or listen to it. If you haven’t, you can find it using Audible or Amazon. I also hope you enjoy the blogs.

May 15th marks a special day check out what is highlighted on the website:!

Picture a world where everyone can easily use and enjoy the vast wonders of the digital universe, no matter their abilities. That’s the vision behind Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), a special day that lights up the digital world with a clear message: access for all.

Celebrated every third Thursday in May, this day is a beacon of hope and action. It’s like a grand digital party, but the guest of honor is accessibility!

Why do we mark this day with such enthusiasm? Imagine trying to navigate the internet with your eyes closed or not being able to hear a video.

For over a billion people with disabilities, these challenges are part of daily life. GAAD aims to change that. It’s a call to arms for creating websites, apps, and tech tools that everyone can use.

By focusing on making the digital realm welcoming for all, we celebrate diversity and inclusion in the most innovative ways.

This celebration isn’t just about recognizing the need for accessible digital spaces; it’s about taking action. From small website tweaks to major design overhauls, every effort counts.

GAAD inspires tech professionals, educators, and everyday internet users to think differently about how we create and consume digital content. By promoting understanding and empathy, this day helps us build a more inclusive world, one click at a time.

thank you, for outlining this day and so many other days that are critical for awareness, especially those that breakthrough ADA regulations and help those in need and help spread awareness!

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